Bondage Junkies2012-06-01

Bondage Junkies is a new site with one concept in mind, don't make it boring. There are no formulas, just young hot girls struggling in bondage. There are plenty of free previews in the galleries area or visit the site for free videos and more!

New tags added2011-06-13

I've added two new tags for your searching pleasure. The first is 'sex-gangbang' which will be applied when applicable. The second is 'light' which will mean lighter, minimalistic and sometimes playful bondage.

'Cane' is now 'Impact'2011-06-02

I've made a slight change in the wording of one of the tags. The 'cane' tag will now be referred to as 'impact'. This new name will also include other impact play such as floggers.

RSS Feed2010-12-06

Just added an RSS feed option to the menu. It will feed the past 40 posted galleries and is updated every day. I've tested it with a few readers, but if you run into any problems let me know.

Site Upgrades2010-11-29

The past few days I have been working on adding some new features such as an advanced search. In order to do this I had to completely overhall gallery page to handle it. It won't look much different, but it's better, trust me!

On a side note, over 300 new galleries have been posted since the new site launched less than two months ago. If there are any particular sites or types of galleries you would like to see please let me know.

New Gallery Hosting2010-11-21

I just finished work on a new gallery posting system for the site. In short, it will allow me to post content from websites who do not publish their own gallery links. Expect to see a lot of fresh content that you won't find anywhere else in the near future. Give the first set a try (link below) and let me know what you think.

Shackled Maidens: Blond hottie locks herself in chains